Writing Services

Speak your mind and express yourself exactly the way you want to be understood.

Why not let someone who has been producing a full spectrum of news, biographical and business truths for over 30 years tell your story for you? Accurately. Properly. Compellingly.

If you are looking to set the record straight in print, online or elsewhere, I can help. I offer services including:

Proven Success

I’m a multiple national and provincial award-winning newspaper and magazine reporter and editor. Well, I was. I have made a career path change and am now writing in new genres and areas.

I bring with me a long-published history of explaining complex situations in ways in which readers can understand the issues involved and act accordingly.

Personal Touch

I am a trusted interviewer, one who can establish sincere connections with sources and readers. I’m able to comprehend and convey the important messages of your life, or your company’s unique journey.

In business, I believe those personal touches with proper marketing  can provide your customers with crucial and memorable information, bringing hope to readers and consumers while improving your business’ bottom line. In other words, get your message out and succeed.

That’s what I do best. That’s what I would like to do for you.

Contact me if you need content that shares the value of your business, your story, your philosophy.