I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Jeff Vircoe a few years ago for an article about recovery from addiction. I experienced Jeff to be very thorough, professional and intuitive. I felt very comfortable describing some very dark and disturbing chapters of my life.

He is an excellent listener and I found it easy for us to have an authentic heart to heart conversation.
The finished product was fabulous. I truly believed that he captured the essence of my story of triumph over tragedy. Jeff is a truly gifted writer and I would highly recommend him for any writing services.

Dr. Larry Smith D.C.
Parksville, BC

Once you get to know Jeff you quickly learn a few things about this style and character.

The first is that he is an avid Boston Bruins fan, where he has clearly learned a few pointers. He can be the Bobby Orr statesman and diplomat with ease. He is a good listener and open to learn about a variety of perspectives other than his own. He is equally capable of expressing opinions that are based on conviction and may not be popular to particular others. In this fashion he is more along the line of Don Cherry!

He is bright, expresses himself extremely well and has depth of character and integrity. He has intellectual curiosity like Derek Sanderson had attitude/heart. Sit back and learn … enjoy.

Dr. Merville Vincent
Nanaimo, BC

Solid, insightful, truthful. This is JV. He peels back layers to reveal the reluctant talents and forgotten qualities of his chosen subject, creating confidence and inspiring creativity.

Honesty and integrity are at the heart of both his journalistic writing and his attitude toward life.

Douglas Kew
Ladysmith, B.C.
Author, songwriter, musician

Jeff, like all masters of their craft, has a wide range. He is able to bring his giant toolbox of writing and journalism into any situation and get the story. Whether it’s a corporate bio or a deeply personal story, Jeff brings compassion, insight, and respect to his work.Jeff has integrity, and in a world where it’s hard to trust media, he carries the torch of traditional journalistic values. I have been privileged to be interviewed, and profiled by Jeff, and he was able to help me articulate what I didn’t have words for, but longed to communicate. He is able to balance unbiased interviewing with genuine connection, a rare gift. Simply, I would trust Jeff to do an excellent job of any writing job I needed. He’s masterful, creative, and professional.

Ann Sullivan
Vancouver BC

Jeff has a plain, unadorned style, giving his writing the voice of the every person. That style makes his work accessible and malleable, allowing him to accurately reflect the person he is writing about.

Tom MacDougall
Journalist, farmer, editor

I have known Jeff Vircoe for well over a decade. Over those years, he has greatly enriched my life by contributing to my personal perspective on many topics, ranging from music to politics to mental health issues. Jeff has strong moral values and defends his beliefs and perceptions with statistical facts, training and personal experience. He is always willing to consider both sides of a situation, and serves as a great ‘sounding board’ for new ideas and thoughts. He is clear, concise and committed in his expression of opinion and belief. I am grateful for his input and friendship in my life.

Tyler Jerhoff
Kihei, Maui, USA

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Jeff Vircoe for almost 50 years. Insightful, enduring, fair minded, empathic and accurate are just a few of the descriptives that he is more than eligible of accruing. He hits the mark every time.  Sharp and on the money.

Maurice Raymond
Calgary, Alberta

Jeff has always brought a sense of integrity, fairness and thoughtfulness to his writing.
And while some might think his stint in the military would have hard-boiled him, there is compassion to what he does.

Bill Kaufmann
Calgary, Alberta

Jeff can listen to an argument and with respect and a few words offer a return of “Have you ever thought to look at this another way?” Jeff’s continuing life experience offers an everyday man’s comprehensive investigation into a world that is seen from under his bushy eyebrows. A good read to say the least.

Dave Cochrane
Morin Heights, Quebec