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My writing passion:

Business, Individual & Location Profiles

I'm known for teasing out the fascinating details of any story - your business, staff, clients, personal life, locations - even when you think there is no story to be told.
My writing specialty:

Addiction Medicine, Treatment and Recovery

I'm a writer and researcher in the addictions field, specializing in stories on addiction medicine, treatment modalities, staff and client success profiles, and more.

Jeff has a plain, unadorned style, giving his writing the voice of the every person.

That style makes his work accessible and malleable, allowing him to accurately reflect the person he is writing about.

Tom MacDougall
Journalist, farmer, editor

Once you get to know Jeff you quickly learn a few things about this style and character.

The first is that he is an avid Boston Bruins fan, where he has clearly learned a few pointers. He can be the Bobby Orr statesman and diplomat with ease. He is a good listener and open to learn about a variety of perspectives other than his own. He is equally capable of expressing opinions that are based on conviction and may not be popular to particular others. In this fashion he is more along the line of Don Cherry!

He is bright, expresses himself extremely well and has depth of character and integrity. He has intellectual curiosity like Derek Sanderson had attitude/heart. Sit back and learn … enjoy.

Dr. Merville Vincent
Nanaimo, BC

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